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House of Cheviot hunting socks

House of Cheviot hunting socks


The House of Cheviot was born in 2002. It was created by Mr. James Wright, an entrepreneur from Yorkshire, passionate about the textile industry. Its name comes from the Cheviot Hills, the Cheviot Mountains in French, between England and Scotland. The Cheviot Hills lie between Sir James Wright's house in Ilkley and the manufacturing plant in Hawick, hence the reference.

Hawick is right in the heart of the 'homeland of cashmere'. The textile industry began in the region in 1771 when the first knitting machine arrived. Since then, the House of Cheviot has used a workforce whose know-how has been refined for decades.

Today, House of Cheviot employs twenty people. All are driven by this passion for beautiful materials. You should know that the entire manufacturing process is carried out in the factory. From the initial idea to production. It's pure "Made in Scotland". Behind the word sock, there is a more technical conception. It is an illusion to think that making a sock is a simple operation. At House of Cheviot, each pair goes through a dozen hands from yarn selection, packaging, machines, hand sewing... At the end of this chain, 60,000 pairs of socks are produced per year.

Magnificent quality cashmere yarn from the highlands of Mongolia (goats must live at a minimum altitude of 2000 meters), Australian merino wool spun in Italy… Nothing is too good to offer House of Cheviot customers the best of the sock.

Hunting is one of House of Cheviot's game territories. At Tweedchasse, we offer more than 70 references of House of Cheviot socks for men and women! The embarrassment of choice is there. Added to the sock, an essential accessory: the garter. This tightening tab is not just an aesthetic object, as its pompom might lead us to believe, but a very effective way to prevent the sock from slipping.

Socks + garters House of Cheviot, here is the useful and elegant combination of a Tweedhasse hunter!

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