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Schöffel country

Schöffel country

Schöffel was founded in 1804 in Bavaria, Germany

Over the past seven generations, Schöffel has prospered by combining innovation and technology with a passion for superb styling and outstanding quality. It is at present run by Peter Schöffel, the 6th generation of the family.
In the early 1990s, the Schöffel family teamed up with the British outdoor and country clothing experts at Bradshaw Taylor to develop a range of country clothing tailored to the needs of the British field sports market.

The success of the Schöffel Country range started with the Ptarmigan shooting coat.

It has been refined and improved over the last 20 years and the various styles are now regarded in the market place as the definitive super lightweight Gore-Tex® shooting coats using high technology Cordura® and Meryl® as the outer fabrics. Also, in the Ptarmigan range is their exceptionally good looking, lightweight and washable Gore-Tex® tweed shooting coats with matching caps for both men and ladies.


They combine innovation, tradition and genuine passion to engineer the best country clothing. They continue to innovate and evolve into an ever-changing future for the countryside.

For three decades, They have prided theirselves on upholding their four brand pillars:


Country Sports: A Way of Life

Countryside: Love it. Live it. Breathe it.




As a specialist brand, Schöffel Country focuses on the latest fabrics and techniques to produce superb clothing which is lightweight, technical, comfortable and specifically designed with the discerning country customer in mind.





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Purple duck socks Purple duck socks Schoffel Ref. 20-3930-0065 Brand Schoffel 12.95 Including tax
Moss cartridge socks Moss cartridge socks Schoffel Ref. 20-3930-0060 Brand Schoffel 12.95 Including tax
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Heritage grey t-shirt Heritage grey t-shirt Schoffel Ref. 20-4046-9130 Brand Schoffel 39.95 Including tax
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