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A passion for unique, hand-crafted products has shaped and defined the history of the Lebeau-Courally brand. It all started with one man’s fascination with a specialised craft, combined with his marked preference for beautiful craftsmanship. In 1865, Auguste Lebeau established his company in Liège. His ambition was to produce the best and most beautiful hunting rifles in the world, catering to the luxurious tastes of art-loving hunters. His undertaking was an immediate success: his enthusiastic customer base grew steadily.

After he retired, Ferdinand Courally took the helm. Connoisseurs started to seek out the precious, engraved hunting rifles of the Lebeau-Courally brand, which became reputed far and wide for their precision and their intrinsic value as decorative objects. In the decades that followed, Lebeau-Courally became a trend-setting brand that was very popular with the members of European royal families and aristocratic hunters. The reputation of Lebeau-Courally grew along with the precision, reliability and aesthetic value of the company’s products.

In 2010, Lebeau-Courally was acquired by the holding of the Belgian entrepreneur Joris Ide. Mr. Ide decided to reorient the brand, focusing once more on its origins: the intricate and detailed handcrafted guns and timepieces. He decided that Lebeau-Courally would continue to prosper as a reputable brand of exceptional hunting rifles, produced in relatively limited numbers, and a manufacturer of timepieces. With this ambition in mind, he immediately joined forces with a highly advanced watch-making business in Switzerland, enabling him to capitalise on the highest level of expertise in the sector.

A few years ago, Joris Ide decided to continue to the expansion of Lebeau-Courally as a leading producer of luxury items by establishing a luxury leather goods department. To guarantee the highest possible quality, he acquired an atelier in Dijon that was famous for its stunning craftsmanship. By doing so, Ide prevented the demise of the craftsmanship as precious heritage.

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