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Laksen sporting

Laksen sporting

Because of its values, TweedChasse had to collaborate with Laksen Sporting. This Danish house born in 1977 corresponds perfectly to our DNA. At the beginning of its history, it had a small production of hunting and fishing clothing, all entirely handmade. In 1979, it received the first European license to manufacture waterproof clothing using Gore-tex technology: this very thin membrane, windproof and breathable at the same time. This was the starting point of export for Laksen. Dealers began to show interest in Laksen products. In the late 1990s, Laksen focused on hunting and shooting apparel, which was the overwhelming bulk of his business. In 1999, Laksen was the first house to introduce a light, waterproof and breathable pure wool tweed to the market. A major technological innovation that Laksen continues to promote.

Laksen's deeper purpose? Elegance and technicality at the service of the hunter. How does she do it? By a very demanding design based on an extraordinary fabric, tweed. And what is the result? Clothes that make all our customers happy. A meticulous confection for a result allowing any woodsman to evolve in his natural environment with chic without worrying about the climatic conditions. And it's not a challenge!

Laksen is also a way of always renewing oneself without losing one's traditions. Their influences are Scotland, the Highlands, tweed, grouse... All this universe touching on hunting mythology.

Wearing Laksen is conveying an art of living, a way of living closer to nature, animals far from the noise of the city, savoring moments of friendship, evolving in an environment conducive to our thirst for freedom.

At TweedChasse, we offer many Laksen products in our catalog. This goes from the jacket, through the shirt, the scarf, the cap, the anorak... We invite you to consult our catalog and let yourself be caught up in this very beautiful brand.

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