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Ridgeline of new zeland

Ridgeline of new zeland

Notice to thrill seekers, Ridgeline is made for you!

The brand was born from the mind of Pete Maxwell, a New Zealand entrepreneur who carried out a double activity: publishing a weapons and hunting journal and marketing clothing specialized in motorcycles and motocross. It is this double role that allowed him to fully understand the problems encountered by hunters in his country, especially in the face of the often trying climatic conditions. To solve them, he had the idea to set up, in 1993, his own brand Ridgeline of New Zealand. The brand really took off when in 2007 the Fuller group decided to take a stake in the capital. It has become essential in New Zealand, then throughout Asia, and finally in Europe, where for several years it has been a major player in outdoor clothing.

Ridgeline's philosophy is simple and ambitious: to offer clothing that lasts for years and can evolve in all conditions and for all uses. It is based on four pillars: warmth, comfort, durability and functionality. For this, their Research & Development department works constantly to improve their products.

Ridgeline offers a full range of clothing for outdoor activities, for professional or recreational use. The brand strives to be constantly at the forefront of technology with regard to the fabrics used, the methods of waterproofing... Whether you are hunting in -15°C, or in blazing heat, Ridgeline has what to wear, and for a long time. At Tweedchasse we offer different models of this brand that we really appreciate: down jackets, parkas, pants, caps, fleeces, hats... There is something for everyone and for all weathers.

To wear Ridgeline is to adopt a philosophy of life, a way of seeing existence. In an increasingly virtual world, this brand is choosing the concrete, life outside the walls, education through nature... A profession of faith to which we fully adhere at Tweedchasse and in which we know that our customers find each other completely. So if you haven't already, what are you waiting for to adopt Ridgeline?

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